New Era Bowling is all about the bowler! From fitting to coaching and everything in between, we will help you realize the full potential in the sport. We will stock and order anything you need in the proshop at better than competitive prices. We can also get you out on the lanes and help you improve. Physical and mental, beginner to advanced, allow us to help you do your best. Leave nothing out there!


A little about myself, my name is Adam Hayes and have been in the bowling industry for 25 years in all its aspects (technical, managerial, proshop and coaching). I have a passion for the sport, participating as well as coaching and hold a USBC Bronze coaching certificate (currently studying silver). In the proshop I drill and fit some of Australia's best bowlers and also on the lanes, I help them refine their game. Get in contact with me at any time as I would love to help you.

*Please be aware, due to current COVID-19 restrictions, both of our locations, Zone Frankston and Wyncity Point Cook are closed until September 2nd (we are expecting longer at this stage. Please see the contact page for any questions at all!